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The High Voltage Laboratory of the BUTE

The High Voltage Laboratory is situated in a common building with the Block “V1” of the University of Technology and Economics in Budapest. It has a 24.16 m x 16.26 m sized area with 386 m2 effective interior space, and its height is 16.45 m. The craned hall is designed regarding the required flash-over and breakdown distances to ensure safe operation of the highest voltage equipment in the laboratory. The installations that belong to the High Voltage Laboratory are the localized and the mobile high, medium, low and extra low voltage equipment inside the lab, the substation in open air next to the hall of the High Voltage Laboratory supplying the 600 kV test transformer, the line, the adapting and the regulator transformer and their parts (environment-friendly basement, protective wall, rainproof roof), their feed cables and couplers, as well as all of the equipment which protect and feed these. Furthermore other main equipment are installed on the ground floor of the Laboratory, which are supplied by the 800 kVA transformer and 0.4 kV switchgear.

In the history of the High Voltage Laboratory the first important equipment was a 250 kV transformer which is still in use. It was followed by the impulse generator which is capable of generating up to 1 MV peak value impulses. In the ‘70s the high voltage live line maintenance was introduced in Hungary, and at the same time the Laboratory was equipped with a 600 kV test transformer and with a 750 kV impulse generator. In the summer of 2012 the Laboratory was completely renovated. The largest Tesla-coil of Hungary is also located in the Laboratory.

The main workplace of Group of High Voltage Technology and Equipment of the Department of Electric Power Engineering of BUTE is located in the Block “V1” of the University of Technology and Economics in Budapest.